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A game about living with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).  It takes around 10-15 for a playthrough.

This is a game about mental illness, and as such might be disturbing to some players. Situations in the game include imagined violence, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. Please play with care. 

Donations are appreciated but absolutely not required. Also available as a .pocket file.

For more information about OCD, the IOCDF is a great resource.
For more information about the game, please read this brief explainer or this slightly longer discussion.

If you are in need of someone to talk to and are in the United States, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or the Crisis Text Line.

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Tagsanaloguepocket, artgame, Game Boy, gb-studio, gbstudio, Lo-fi, Mental Health, Pixel Art, Sprites


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Hey, I have OCD for a view years now.. The game helped me a lot mentally knowing that it can get better. :) I started crying really hard at the point being ashamed of your OCD and hiding it when others are around, its really hard for me. Even though i do have a psychiatrist, I dont really get help or meds or something. I am there because of depression and some related things.. He just doesnt really care about my OCD, just says I should try to avoid the OCD thoughts but everyone having OCD knows its not easy it all. I wish I could get better help and maybe get meds or something.. OCD has changed my life a lot and besides of my not really helping psychiatrist I also do not really have friends or family members trying to help me. They all dont even know what OCD is and even though i tried to explain it to my mother many times she just doesnt understands it and says i just should stop this sh*t.. Well besides all that, as I already mentioned, the game really helped me mentally and I'll try to get some more help! :)


Hey, I haven't had a chance to play the game but I just wanted to say that I was diagnosed with OCD last year and I wish there was a GB file so that I could play this on my GameBoy Color.

Thank you for making this!

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hey, checking out the game after seeing you post about it on twitter. Have had OCD ever since a little kid. Mainly Pure OCD so really heavy on the graphic imagery/intrusive thoughts. Went through the same thing of not knowing it was “just OCD” until I chanced upon some random Reddit thread during some dark times. Probably most important chance thing to happen in my life, helped me get help and all.

Anywho, I totally relate, I do think the portrayal of OCD as a monster who tries to keep us safe in all the wrong ways by forgiving us to do things was pretty smart (and accurate). I hope someone who was like young me sees this and can realize there’s solutions for managing how our brains work. Sometimes the little monster in our brain sucks but I’m glad you got better at managing it too! 

I have ocd, i think this game is wonderfully accurate and I applaud it, because the portrayal is so real and true.

Gonna try and write a quick comment to say how accurate this game is. I don't have OCD, my brother does, but he's always been upfront about it and his rituals are very upfront and present. While I've done extensive reading I could never fully understand OCD without actually having it, and while this game isn't exactly having OCD 100% of the time, it's as close as I've ever come to actually fully understanding my brother's demon. So thank you.

Thank you for making this!